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Minimun cost maximum visit-amusement : Bangkok-Pattaya

If you want to visit most islands and jungle areas, you can travel to the Kingdom of Thailand only at the lowest cost. The area of the country is approximate 513,000 square kilometers is the 50th largest country in the world and the 12th largest in Asia!. Her popular tourist destinations are Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Krabi Hua Hin, Chiang Rai, Ko Chang, Surat Thani etc.

There are many tourists visiting every year in this country. Apart from visiting the natural beauty, there is also a variety of adventure activities. Somewhere in the sea there is scuba diving, and somehow the parachute is in the air by air. All the arrangements are here. It is said that if money is all possible in Thailand that means you can enjoy will ful satisfaction


As a Bangladeshi freelancer writer I can show here how I save money while travelling Thailand.
From Bangladesh capital city Dhaka I have collected Thai visa only $50. I had flown by Regent air ways Dhaka to Bangkok. Air fare was $300 with return ticket. Their food and entertainment was appreciable.

BKK-Suvarnabhumi Air port : Within a couple of minutes completed immigration formalities and I had followed the exit door, Bought the one tourist sim(price300 Bath for seven days)with unlimited internet facility and 100 minutes talk time.
Then I have gone to the Pataya bound Air Bus counter. Within two hours I had reached desired destination at Pataya spent bus ticket price only 150 Bath. It may be mentioned here that Volvo bus journey was very comfortable where there was a good toilet facility. Most of the passengers of the bus were European and American. Outside of the Air port terminal, there are buses of Pataya, Phuket and Bangkok from the north corner of Ground Floor. At a very low cost you can go to Pataya, Phuket and Bangkok via bus services. I've never seen any better prices at such a low price. Also the AC bus.
This is the turn of the tourists in Pattaya. You can also find different spots in the hotel that you take in the hotel. But if you want to travel at a low cost then just come out of the hotel and see. There are many small tour packages companies around your hotel. They will offer you different spots. However, you can buy these good packages for lunch with lunch. In this case, remember that you have to advance booked  the package the previous day. Because of the day before, it is necessary to fix the package. Another thing is that, if your hotel package and out-of-tour tournaments have the same package rate, it is best to take the hotel packages.
My tour was completely budget tour, so I did not book hotel from earlier, but I checked everything from the internet, went to Beach Road and checked in a few hotels and got one, PO post office guesthouse its name, rent 400 / - bath, (Double bed, refrigerator, AC, balcony, hot water in the bathroom, free wifi), my budget was 600-700 / but I got 400.bath only) 1 minute from my hotel, walking street 5 minutes ... Walking road has nothing to say, it is as fun as it is, but Pataea night life, but this walking street and beach road. As amuslim there may be a little halal food problem, so many insects that can not be eaten by insects all around. You should look halal restaurant.

And the city of Pattaya is more than the night of day. Because in the words, Pattaya sleeps during the day and wakes up at night. Especially Walking Street that's just a good time to visit in the night. Be cautious here. Because the more people move on this road that it is best to be careful. Apart from this, there are many offers, different types of hotel, different brokers, and many different types of products. If you make a mistake, the money will lose. Nothing else with So do not go alone here, it is better to group around.

Apart from this, many game shows, magic displays and various art tactics are displayed here in walking street. Watching carefully you will love it. For the first time as a Bangladeshi man, there would be strange places. In addition, many more shows were held in Patayah city during the night. Those who go will see them. And to see the entire city of Patay during the day, you can just rent a motorcycle for a few bucks. Less rent per hour. But it is better to wear helmets without knowing the local traffic laws. Apart from this, there are places to watch five movies in Pataya, museums, big idols, going underworld, going to no-nautical tropical gardens, etc. After a little massage parlor. Starting from 200 bath per hour.

Every morning, the massage shop, every other time, does nothing else, but it is better to take the foot massage, take good, 160-200 / -bath.

If want to go Corral Beach: Kohlarn:  Tours 500-600 / - Bath (by Speed boat, Launce, 2 hours journey).
 You can spend as long as you want to spend in the coral, only to know the return time of the returning ship, if it is your cost Being 30 + 30 = 60 / - Bath only. If you like the lounge, there are plenty of food hotels there, there are 2-3 bars in Coral, if you want to take a bicycle with 20-30 baths. Ships are safer, the ship takes time to take 40 minutes, 30 minutes to the springboard. But navigator tie liked me more.
 Bangkok:  From Pattaya Bus Terminal to Bangkok, you will have to go to Bangkok Ekkamai, from Ekkamai BTS Station to the Nana bts station, Sukumvit, almost all of Bangkok are in this area, Tana Sukwvit around the nana station. The main road is divided into two main sections, where the roads seem to have been called Soi, on the one side of the main road, the number of roads means soi- 2,4,6,8,10 ... and the odd road on the other side means soi- 1,3,5 , 7,9 ... etc. I had been soi 7/1, hotel best value inn, rent 900 / - baths, because I was exhausted, I did not find the hotel, I had two, well but the rent was a little more, good location, nana station 30 sec only. When my companion came to the country, I changed the hotel, now I found a low-rated hotel, soi- 4, rent 500 / - baths, everything is there, Nana station walks 5 minutes, and Nana Plaza of Bangkok is just 1 minute. Soi-3 area will be available in Muslim area, all types of halal food, very test, price will be more and more, will get very peace, Guarantee,

In our country, the eggs and meat are found in the fray rice, but there is more meat than the hotel al-Hussein's fried ryech ... :-) One of the grand palace in Bangkok's tourist estrangement, cab 200-300 from Sukmwitt, I went to the local It takes a little more time to spend 6.50 / - bus on the bus, but you can also take a look at the Bangkok city, sitting on this bus, the Grand Palace is worth a little more than 500 / - baths ... You can see Oshan Wald, Safari World in Bangkok, the entry fees are more ... You will also receive a massage center at the bank very quickly, and the price here is more than the python. You can see Ladybay / Hijra a little more in Bangkok ...
Turn around in the bank. At first we went to Safari Park. Thailand Safari Park will attract people of any age. That is, the small and the big ones will take good turn in this safari park. There are so many beautiful animals that keep your mind alive. No matter how much you spend, you will feel, all the money is uneven. And after a little while in the Safari Park, birds will be able to distinguish the game shows, especially the birds in the vicinity. As well as a world-famous James Bond series movie, you can take an action show from the real world to that story. Which is very exciting and very enjoyable. Can not believe if you do not see it. If you wish, you can drink the milk of the King Tiger's baby in the lap. You can also take pictures with them. But in this case you have to pay extra money.

There are many more places to move to Bangkok. For example, the King Rivier Cruz tour in the Bangkok River and the evening in Bangkok. And turn the bank into another whimsical town at night. At night every street market in the city is sitting in the market. The shopkeepers are sitting on different sides. You can take a ride in a car like an auto rickshaw to see the city of the night. It will be very exciting. There are many entertainment arrangements in the city's lane. But during the day, there are various sweet mangoes, jackfruit and sweet tomatoes found on the pavement. Which is delicious to eat But Bangkok is a long time old city, because of the traffic jamajata almost all day. So if you want to go somewhere, it is better to get out shortly. And if there is rain, then there are water in some places on the street. You have to be careful for this. But Asharbani is saying, a national flyover in their country. If you can take this route once, then your traffic congestion will be cut.
Shopping: Chatuchak weekend market (j j market), open only Saterday & Sunday. It is Largest market in the Thailand.
Chatuchak weekend market, open only Saterday & Sunday Largest market in Thailand This market is called the Moh chit station from Nana Station
Whether we like shopping in Bangabazar or Riazuddin Market in Chittagong, here you can buy at wholesale rates, there is more than 15000 shops, divided into 27 sectors, keeping in mind this two days if you want to shop in Bangkok, before going to Google If you look at the details, then you have the advantage.

For those who missed it, Platinum, Platinum, Indira Skayer, there is a fairly low bargain, besides the Big C shopping center, here also the air will get everything by eating air, price medium ... Metro Train: - Trained on the BTS, MRT, SRT, which is exploring the city, cheap and fastest vehicle. However, Thailand's metro train fares seem to be comparatively more ... To Airport: - From the Nana station to Phaya thai staion, train by train at the airport link, straight airport, rent 31 + 45 = 76 / - Bath, if you want to go to the cab, Minimum 500 / - will take the bath.
Thai Cuisine is the world famous. Food lovers have plenty of options for checking the local foods. Streets are full of variety of Thai & other foods in very cheap. Not just cooked foods there are different seasonal fresh fruits available all over Thailand. Medical tourism in Thailand is very famous. Every year huge Asian peoples going to Thailand for treatment.
Thailand is one of the most famous countries for Tourism in Asia. Life is one. No one knows when it will leave. Take a little while in this short life and look at this beautiful world. Enjoy life.

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Pattaya-Best Beach of Thailand

"Greater Pattaya" occupies most of the coastline of Banglamung (one of the eleven districts that comprise Chonburi Province). It is divided into a larger northern section which spans the areas to the east of Naklua Beach (the most northern beach) and Pattaya Beach (the main beach) plus Pratamnak Hill (often called "Buddha Hill" because of the temples on top of the hill) headland immediately south of Pattaya Beach, and a smaller southern section covering the area to the east of Jomtien Beach
Pattaya has a range of attractions, successfully appealing to the diverse interests of its visitors.

Read more at: http://www.bangkok.com/pattaya/pattaya-beach/?cid=ch:OTH:001
Pattaya has a range of attractions, successfully appealing to the diverse interests of its visitors.

Read more at: http://www.bangkok.com/pattaya/pattaya-beach/?cid=ch:OTH:001
Pattaya has a range of attractions, successfully appealing to the diverse interests of its visitors.

Read more at: http://www.bangkok.com/pattaya/pattaya-beach/?cid=ch:OTH:001

TAT Newsroom Blogger 2017 contest launches with walking tour of historical Bangkok

Mr. Yuthasak Supasron, TAT Governor said, “In its second year, this TAT Newsroom Blogger Campaign is about the uniquely Thai local experiences, so a walking tour of Charoen Krung is a perfect introduction. Bangkok’s riverside boasts amazing historic venues, religious sites and long-standing local communities that make the area unique.

It’s the discovery of such places that makes visits to Thailand so memorable and special. We hope that everyone on this walking tour got a real flavour of the campaign and that word spreads in the blogging community.” TAT Newsroom Blogger Campaign 2017